Buffet Menus


Menu 1

Fresh cut sandwiches

{White and brown bread}


Beef and mustard

Tuna and mayonnaise

Cheese and pickle

Mixed crisps


Menu 2

Sandwiches as above

Cocktail pasties

Mini sausage rolls

Mixed crisps


Menu 3

Sandwiches as above

Cocktail pasties

Sliced ham

Sticky bbq drumsticks

Smoked Mackerel fillets

Selection of cakes


Menu 4

Poached salmon and dill lemon mayonnaise

Tomato and mozzerella salad


New potato salad

Fresh quiche

Crusty bread and butter

Crisp salad

Cornish mess- Meringue, soft fruit and cream


Menu 5

Smoked salmon

Chicken liver parfait

Sundried tomato cous cous

Chicken satay

Crisp salad

Sliced ham and beef

Chutney and pickles

Crusty bread and butter

Cornish Cheese and biscuits

Chocolate fudge tartlets



Selection of crudities and dips

Fresh fruit

Cornish cheese board, grapes and water biscuits

Jam scone and cream

Selection of tarts-

Lemon meringue

Chocolate fudge

Strawberries and cream

Individual Meringue fruit and cream


Disposable plates, cutlery and napkins provided.